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Methandienone (Danabol)

Methandienone in injections
Averbol 25, 10ml / 25mg
Producer: British Dragon
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ZPHC - Methandienone U.S.P, 10ml / 50mg
Producer: ZPHC
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Pharma Bol 100, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
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Liquid methane is a highly effective anabolic steroid. Used in the form of injections. Promotes a large and rapid increase in muscle mass. The active substance is methandienone. 

Features of liquid methane 

Liquid methane is an indispensable preparation for any mass-gathering cycle. Used by bodybuilders and professional athletes. It is ideal for the first mass-gathering course. Allows for one cycle to collect up to 10 kg of muscle mass.

The liquid dianogeade has the following action: 

  • Strengthening bones 
  • Stimulation of active formation of sexual characteristics 
  • Fat Layer Burning 
  • Increased Stamina 
  • Acceleration of protein synthesis 

The drug provides the growth of muscle mass in record time. Tangible results are visible after 6-8 weeks. The injection form of methane is not toxic and absolutely safe. Even at high dosages, the drug does not destroy the liver. The active component quickly enters the blood, providing a 100% hit. 

Instructions for the use of liquid methane 

The effect of injection methane lasts for two days. Therefore, it is recommended to take the drug 50-100 every other day. For the first course of anabolic steroids, the dosage should be reduced by half. At PCT after methane, clomid or tamoxifen is used. Dosage depends on the total weight of the athlete and is calculated individually. The course of admission is 6-8 weeks. In one vial of injection methane, 100 mg. One ampoule is enough for ten days. 

Side effects of liquid methane 

If the recommended dosages are met, injection methane is absolutely safe. Before using the drug, you should consult your doctor. Admission of the dianogram is contraindicated in the following cases: 

  • With individual hypersensitivity to the drug; 
  • With renal and hepatic insufficiency; 
  • With oncological diseases. 

Side effects are due to the ability of the drug to be flavored. In this regard, the dianogead can cause gynecomastia or fluid accumulation. To prevent adverse reactions, it is advisable to accompany the injection with ani-estrogen.

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