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Methenolone (Primobolan)

Primobolan in injections
Advar Pharma - Nibal, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: Advar Pharma
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British Dragon - Primobol 100, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: British Dragon
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Hilma Biocare - Methenolone Enanthate, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: Hilma Biocare
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Pharma Prim 100, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
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ZPHC - Metenolone Enanthate U.S.P, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: ZPHC
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SP Primobol, 10ml / 100mg
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Swiss Remedies - Primobolan, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: Swiss Remedies
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Magnus Pharma - Primobolan, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: Magnus Pharma
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Primobol, 100mg / 10ml (new balkan)
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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Primobol, 10ml / 100mg (new balkan)
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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Primobolan is an anabolic steroid that is produced in both injectable and oral form. This drug is taken by athletes who want to increase the amount of muscle mass and reduce the amount of fat. Primobolan solo, according to reviews, is best used in the injection form, because in this form it has less strain on the liver and has a longer action. If you decide to buy a steroid in tablets, then note that it is less toxic unlike other oral steroids. 

Description of the preparation 

Primobolan is quite effective, but it refers to quite safe anabolic steroids. It is ideally suited for the dry weight recruitment course, as well as for the exit from heavy courses, while Primobolan does not retain water in the body and therefore provokes a minimal rollback. Another advantage of anabolic is the lack of aromatization. 

Active substance Primobolan solo - methenolone enanthate, developed in the 60s in Germany. The purpose of the development: to find the ideal option, a steroid, which will help athletes adequately show themselves at competitions. Thus, the steroid, which earned fame in the 60's, remains popular even today and has a demand among professional athletes and bodybuilders. 

Advantages of Primobolan solo: 

  • Absence of aromatization and hepatotoxicity; 
  • Almost imperceptible rollback; 
  • Is equally safe for both men and women; 
  • A minimum decrease in their own testosterone. 

Primobolan solo course: how to taking 

If you decide to take a Primobolan solo course, then consider the following recommendations: 

  1. The reception time lasts about two months. Such a long reception of the drug is associated with a mild effect of the anabolic itself. 
  2. To increase the duration of the course is contraindicated, because it is possible the appearance of side effects. 
  3. The dosage of the drug is 400 mg once a week. 
  4. PCT is conducted three weeks after the end of the course. 

Professional athletes often prefer to go through the entire eight-week course in four to five weeks. This option is acceptable, but it is important to remember that in this case, the risk of side effects (increased blood pressure, acne, gynecomastia, hormonal changes in women) increases. 

Combination on the course 

Despite sufficient soft effect of the drug, about Primobolan solo reviews recommend to combine it with other anabolics. So, on the course recommend to buy Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone, Oxymetalone. All these drugs help with a course of muscle mass. Sustanon can also be bought for the same purpose. 

If your goal - to gain a dry muscle mass, then the course is recommended to buy Winstrol. Primobolan, whose price is calculated depending on the length and intensity of the course, should be combined with only one of the proposed steroids. This will help relieve yourself of strong pressure on the liver and not encounter other side effects. 

We also have prepared by our specialists ready courses of steroids. 

Primobolan: reviews 

About Primobolan reviews testify that this is one of the best anabolic steroids, which you can buy for a set of quality muscle mass. After the Primobolan course, according to reviews, a barely noticeable pullback follows, there is no water retention, and the steroid itself, based on the reviews, does not aromatize and practically does not affect the liver. Primobolan buy in a pharmacy in Moscow is not so simple, to be more precise, almost impossible. But is this a problem if you order and buy Primobolan you can on our site? 

Where Primobolan buy at a bargain price 

We offer not just Primobolan to buy on our website, but also to look through other offers, because Pharmabar is a real storehouse of useful sports pharmacology. Here you will find preparations for PCT, you can also buy fat burners, peptides, dietary supplements, vitamin-mineral complexes and so on. We also offer you to read about Primobolan reviews. 

Cooperating with us, you do not have to worry about disclosing personal information - we provide complete confidentiality to our customers. We also guarantee the highest quality of all products, since we cooperate directly with manufacturers, and therefore there are no fakes in our assortment.

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Balkan Pharma - Primobol, 10ml / 100mg
Producer: Balkan Pharma
Reviews: 0
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