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Testosterone suspension

Aquatest, 10ml / 100mg (new balkan)
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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Testosterone suspension is testosterone in its pure form, in suspension the most of testosterone itself, in fact, there is nothing more there. With one exception from the general rule, which will be discussed below.
If the suspension is used, the level of testosterone in the blood rises very quickly - this is an absolute advantage. Unconditional drawback - this level is also rapidly declining. So you do not even need daily injections - a suspension of testosterone should be pricked several times a day. Unfortunately, this interval of injection can not be sustained by far not all.
Interestingly, in the form of a suspension, a drug such as Agovirin Depo produced by Biotica is produced. However, as an active ingredient, the preparation does not include pure testosterone, but an ether such as isobutyrate. Considering the fact that with the Agovaron injection there is no depot formation, despite the prefix in the name, the effect of the drug is no different from the actual suspension itself. The sense in applying the products of the Slovenian pharmaceutical industry is that by purchasing a "pure" testosterone suspension, you, in about 70% of cases, risk getting an ordinary "pacifier", "Agoririn" is a normal, working drug that managed to happily avoid the illegal " cloning. 
The drug is simply invaluable for the recruitment of muscle mass - hardly any other can compete with it here. The effect of using a testosterone suspension is seen almost immediately. Just like injection stanozolol, the testosterone suspension is suitable for local injections, provoking local muscle growth.
Contrary to the persistently implanted opinion that a testosterone suspension can be used in the period of precompetitive training, so it leaves the body very quickly, it can not be done in any case. Using a suspension of testosterone, you in no way can avoid the accumulation of water, which in the preparation for the competition you need, as you know what.
The testosterone suspension is almost ideal for people with a high content of 5 -? - reductase in the body. The degree of conversion to dihydrotestosterone of this drug, due to a very short half-life and rapid increase in its level in the blood, is not so great. True, the stick, as always, turns out, about two ends: less dihydrotestosterone - above the "flavor rating" of the drug.
Side effects
Aromatization in the case of a testosterone suspension is not just a side effect - it's a disaster. So simultaneous administration of anti-estrogens can be just a necessity, most often for this purpose use proviron.
The most common is the dosage of 100 mg of drug per day, divided into at least two equal parts. 50 mg per day - too little to gain weight, although people with an increased tendency to aromatization should stop on it. Exceeding the daily dose of 150 mg is also hardly worth it.
Combination with other drugs
If you combine injections of testosterone suspension with methandrostenolone, you will get the best set for mass gain. True, the accumulations of a sufficiently large amount of water in this case also can not be avoided. You can combine a suspension of testosterone with other "muscle mass" drugs - nandrolone, oxymetholone and even with boldenom or trenbolone.
Application by women
In my opinion, from the point of view of a syringe filled with a testosterone suspension, the phenomenon of virilization should arise spontaneously in women. The drug is definitely not for use by the fair sex, if they want to remain so.

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