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Trenbolone Hexabenzylhydrocarbonate
Advar Pharma - Parabolan, 10ml / 76mg
Section: Parabolan
Producer: Advar Pharma
Reviews: 0
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Trenabol Depot 100, 10ml / 100mg
Section: Parabolan
Producer: British Dragon
Reviews: 0
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Hilma Biocare - Parabolan, 10ml / 75mg
Section: Parabolan
Producer: Hilma Biocare
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Magnus Pharma - Parabolan, 10ml / 76.5mg
Section: Parabolan
Producer: Magnus Pharma
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Pharma Tren H100, 10ml / 100mg
Section: Parabolan
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
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Parabolan is a powerful steroid drug. For use it is recommended only to men (for women are usually not advised). Unlike similar potent steroids, this drug is absolutely not susceptible to aromatization and has no estrogenic properties. However, it should be noted that during its use, progestagenic activity is capable of manifesting itself, due to which such abnormalities as gynecomastia or "trench-dick" can occur. 

To the delay of liquid Parabolan from Balkan Pharmaceuticals does not lead, plus, shows some fat burning effect, therefore can be effectively used for achievement of qualitative muscular growth in solo or on the combined courses. 

We sell exceptionally high-quality pharmacological preparations. In this case, you can verify this with the help of UPIC code (located on ampoules) by entering it on the manufacturer's website -

Parabolan: description and history 

As an active substance in this preparation, trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate was used. It is a steroid with an anabolic and androgenic activity, superior to that of testosterone, a prolonged action and a wide range of effects. Note that the trenbolone was originally used only in veterinary medicine, where it had a good demand, but in consequence its effect became known to athletes who began to use it effectively as a doping agent. 

The first analogues of modern Parabolan 100mg appeared on sale in the second half of the 20th century. They are very quickly spread in sports practice and today these pharmacological agents are regularly used by athletes to maximize their physical fitness (these are very strong steroid preparations, recommended mainly to experienced athletes). 

If we describe Parabolan, then this drug is produced at the facilities of the Balkan Pharma plant and is a modern product of pharmacology, which outperforms many analogues. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a long-established manufacturer that is well known to domestic athletes and has proven itself through the production of steroid, and not only, preparations. 

The Parabolan Effect 

The effect of this steroid is not immediate, but gradually from the beginning of application, but some improvements can be felt quite quickly - almost after the first injection. Its effect lasts a long time from the moment of administration, so frequent injections do not make much sense (usually 1-2 applications per week). The duration of activity is up to two weeks after the last injection. 

During the course Parabolan can exhibit a variety of effects, to varying degrees, significant for athletes. In general, it contributes to a pronounced set of quality muscle mass, without delaying water and fat deposits, leads to an increase in strength, increases the level of insulin-like growth factor, has a fat burning effect, lowers cortisol and may increase appetite and libido on the course There is a decrease in sexual activity). 

According to reviews, Parabolan Balkan in ampoules is a strong and long-acting drug with a wide range of activities, which is not the best choice for beginners, but experienced or professional athletes help to achieve maximum improvements in the current physical form, which is not capable of softer analogues. 

Side Effects of Parabolan 

If the main recommendations and normalized dosages are observed, this preparation, as a rule, does not cause serious side effects that could not be neutralized in a short time. When abusing the same athlete can face multiple violations that interfere with normal life. 

Parabolan can exhibit a side effect, which is a reduction in natural testosterone, a decrease in libido, gynecomastia, and an increase in blood pressure. Side effects of an androgenic nature are also likely: aggression, acne, sebaceous skin, excessive sweating, body or face hair. 

Separately, we note that women who have decided to use a steroid, run the risk of encountering masculinization (the development of characteristic features of men). 

Application of Parabolan 

This steroid drug in connection with the specificity of its effect can be called actual for various modern sports, including bodybuilding, heavy or light athletics, hockey, martial arts or even tennis. 

The reviews describe the application of Parabolan as positive: already in a short time from the beginning of the course, there is an increase in strength, endurance and aggressiveness. For sports purposes, the drug is often combined with other anabolic and androgenic steroids, thus achieving even greater improvements in a short time. 

Combined course Parabolan can effectively pass with a wide variety of anabolics and androgens, depending on the purposes of the patient. With this steroid, methandienone, long-acting esters of testosterone, sustanone (a mixture of testosterones) and, of course, stanozolol in injectable or tablet form are well combined. 

For athletes, dosages are recommended in the range of 100-300 mg per week. This amount of the drug is usually quite sufficient to obtain the desired results. The duration of the course is variable, but on average, injections are performed for about 8 full weeks. Longer use or overestimated dose to a significant enhancement of the effect is unlikely to result, but the risk of side effects can increase. 

If you are planning a course of using Parabolan, but you have questions that require an immediate response, then we recommend that you ask for comments on our Forum. Experienced counselors, including a doctor's sport, will tell you how best to use this steroid drug, what to expect, and what risks are there. 

Parabolan reviews 

If you are interested in reviews about sports products, then on our resource this information can be easily obtained. Visit the Forum, where you can find reviews about Parabolan 100mg and many other pharmacological agents in sport. Here you will not encounter a lack of information "at first hand", otherwise you can always get comments from veterans of sports and experienced consultants. 

What exactly about Pronabol Balkan say testimonials? They describe it as a working and rather high-quality drug (the rating speaks for itself), which is a good choice for men seeking maximum results. It is characterized by a strong effect, both on the part of anabolic and androgenic properties (400% anabolic and 200% androgen activity from endogenous testosterone). 

Those who want to leave reviews about Parabolan, again, we recommend to visit our Forum. Here you can participate in discussions and active discussions of drugs, as well as share your personal experience. In addition, the opinion on this or that drug can be freely expressed directly on its page in the store. 

Registration at our forum will not take you even two minutes. On the site, the review can be left after both forms are filled-name and e-mail, or again after a quick and simple registration. Visitors' reviews are not censored and moreover not deleted if they do not violate the basic rules of the resource.

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Parabolin, 7,5ml / 76,5mg
Section: Parabolan
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Balkan Pharma - Parabolan, 10ml / 100mg
Section: Parabolan
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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