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NovoRapid, 3ml / 100IU
Section: Insuline
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Insulin in bodybuilding - what is it? 

Bodybuilders have been using insulin injections for quite some time. The use of this substance helps in the release of somatotropin, which in turn stimulates anabolic processes. The way to increase muscle mass with this hormone has been used for a long time, but in some cases this has a negative effect. For this reason, people who have recently started bodybuilding, avoid this drug. 

How does insulin work on bodybuilders? 

Insulin injections help to get a peptide hormone. This drug has a complex effect: 

  • makes the cell membrane more permeable for sugar, improves nutrition and enhances metabolism; 
  • reduces the amount of glucose in the blood, increases the release of growth hormone; 
  • reduces catabolic reactions; 
  • ensures the disintegration of enzymes; 
  • increases the preservation of DNA and enhances the protein's connection; 
  • Cell membranes become more permeable to protein constituents. 

For people who want to increase weight and those who want to get rid of excess weight and want to use substances of anti-catabolic nature, insulin is not always suitable. This substance blocks the connection of fats and helps to keep the mass. Combining the use of the drug with dietary nutrition, enriched with calories, you can gain some weight. Those the use of this drug by people involved in bodybuilding is an option for those who use traditional methods of mass gathering and "drying" courses. 

How to properly use insulin in a bodybuilding environment 

We will become acquainted with how to correctly use insulin in the environment of bodybuilders. 

At the initial stage, the dose is 1ME for 5-10 kg of the weight of the athlete. Some athletes use up to 2ME for the same mass. The specificity of this drug is that in different reaction of the body people who taking the drug. Proceeding from this, the dose is calculated in each case individually. The basis is taken by the general scheme how to use a hormone in the environment of bodybuilders in a complex with other preparations. The correct course will help you choose an instructor. 

The injection is done right after the session in order to lower the glucose level in the blood. After a quarter of an hour, you should use a sweetened drink or a product that contains sugar. 

After an hour you can have a snack with foods that contain a large amount of protein. In some cases, insulin injections are done in the morning as soon as a person wakes up. After a quarter of an hour you need to drink a drink rich in carbohydrates, and an hour later have breakfast. 

To inject the hormone, use a syringe. A shot is made into the abdominal cavity. Some athletes inject the drug into the hip or shoulder, but such shots deliver great pain. The ampoule, in which the drug is contained, needs to be cooled, it should not be influenced by a high temperature regime. Watch for storage conditions if you take insulin for training. 

Do some injections, those to prick the drug course. The course should not exceed two months. Someone from the athletes has stabbed the hormone for four months. Long breaks should be mandatory. The longer the course - the more breaks. Otherwise, the pancreas will not be able to reproduce the substance on its own. 

If you use thyroxine or other drugs to increase muscle mass, digestibility of insulin decreases. In this situation, the dose needs to be increased, but for each case the dosage is selected individually, the athlete is recommended to consult a specialist. 

In other countries, the effect of taking a substance on the athlete's communication is not determined. Athletes who use this method in order to increase the weight of a device used to measure blood glucose levels. This device allows you to determine the amount of sugar. It can be bought at the pharmacy along with test strips. Measurement should be done three to four minutes after the hormone is injected, and after a quarter of an hour, take a second measurement to compare the results. 

Monitor the glucose level, if it is less than 4.3 units - take action. 

Harm from insulin intake 

If you mis-calculate the dose, the consequences can be serious. Exceeding the dose is very dangerous. 

Excessive amount of substance leads to a sharp decrease in glucose in the blood (hypoglycemia). Signs of hypoglycemia are: dizziness, weakness, blurred consciousness, a negative reaction to light. If you feel something like this, eat something sweet immediately. After the introduction of the drug, drowsiness may occur - this also indicates hypoglycemia. If the reception of sweet food does not help - call a doctor, otherwise a fatal outcome is possible. If you take the drug for a long time, diabetes can develop. 

During the course of insulin injections, the pancreas reduces the production of insulin. Those secretion naturally decreases. Studies conducted by scientists have revealed that as a result of insulin injections, pancreatic tissues change, and they may not recover. As for the duration of admission, there are no precise recommendations based on scientific research. The risk of side effects from taking insulin is always there. 

Reviews about hormone 

As a rule, reviews about the drug in the bodybuilding environment, give people engaged in bodybuilding on a serious level. Those who want to make a figure fit, for example, to the beach season, this hormone is unlikely to suit. To get results, you need to take insulin consistently, exercise and keep to a diet. Insulin can be bought at a pharmacy, it is issued on prescription. But not all pharmacists follow the instructions, you can get it without a prescription. 

There are responses from people who managed to gain up to 10 kg of weight, using insulin. There are those who have hypoglycemia. 

If you use Insuline, something sweet should be by the hand, it will help to avoid neggative effects of using Insuline. 

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