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Fluxymesterone (Halotest)

Magnus Pharma - Halotestin, 100tabs / 5mg
Producer: Magnus Pharma
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Swiss Remedies - Halotestin, 100tabs / 5mg
Producer: Swiss Remedies
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Halotestos, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
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This steroid is characterized by high anabolic activity and powerful androgenic properties. In comparison, with testosterone, these indicators are 2000% (anabolic properties) and 850% (androgenic activity). Most often, the professional bodybuilders decide to order the halotest when they need to improve the body constitution in a short time or increase the power parameters. At the amateur level, this steroid isn’t practically used.

The course of the drug not only accelerates the processes of lipolysis, and increases the strength, but also makes the athletes more aggressive. It’s often useful during the participating in tournaments. Although the drug has been on the market for a long time, scientists haven’t been able to fully disclose the mechanism of halotest. The drug doesn’t have a tendency to aromatization, but it significantly suppresses the work of the HHT axis (hypothalamus hypophysis testes).

Halotest’s Effects

Before you make a final decision to buy a halotest, we recommend you to study its main properties:

  • Quickly increases motivation and aggressiveness;
  • Has strong fat burning properties;
  • Muscles acquire additional hardness during the course;
  • The secretion of erythropoietin is accelerated, which leads to increasing in the number of red cells in the blood.

The main active ingredient of the steroid is fluoxymesterone. This substance is a structurally altered testosterone.

Halotest’s application rules in sports

It’s obvious that such a strong drug mustn’t be used in large doses. The recommended dosage for most athletes is 10 milligrams a day. However, some professional athletes take 20 milligrams. The duration of the drug’s cycles is from four to six weeks. It’s also possible to conduct combined courses. Nandrolone or esters of testosterone are best for this purpose.

Reviews about this drug aren’t common on the network. This is understandable, because steroid is intended for professionals. Not every athlete will say that he uses steroids. However, there is information about steroid courses, and athletes fully confirm all information mentioned above. Only in our shop the price is minimal.

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Balkan Pharma - Halotest, 20tabs / 10mg
Producer: Balkan Pharma
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