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Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Olymp Labs - Oxandrolone, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Olymp Labs
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Hilma Biocare - Oxandrolone 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Hilma Biocare
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ZPHC - Oxandrolone U.S.P, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: ZPHC
Reviews: 1
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Xanodrol, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Malay Tiger
Reviews: 0
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Oxandrolonos, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
Reviews: 0
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Oxandrolone, 100tabs / 10mg (new balkan)
Producer: Balkan Pharma
Reviews: 2
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Swiss Remedies - Oxandrolone, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Swiss Remedies
Reviews: 0
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Oxandrolone is a classic synthetic anabolic, used by bodybuilders, swimmers and athletes to gain quality muscle mass and the formation of relief musculature. At Oxandrolon, the price in pharmacies is quite high, but for our customers this is not a problem, because we have the price for the drug is one of the lowest. 

Description of the preparation 

Oxandrolone is one of the first synthetic anabolic steroids that was created in America in the 20th century (1964) and was first released under the trade name Anavar. Today, the steroid is available in a sporting environment with several names: Oksandrin, Vasorm, Oksaver and others. The preparation has a powerful immunostimulating action, anabolic activity of 400% of testosterone (androgenic - 25%) and moderate toxicity. Anavar also differs in the absence of the effect of aromatization (conversion into estrogens). 

Effect from reception: 

  • Elevated relief and hardness of the musculature; 
  • Significant burning of subcutaneous fat; 
  • Increase strength and increase levels of growth hormone. 

How to use 

When calculating a course, you should take into account several general recommendations of the tangential restrictions in the application: 

  1. The course lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. 
  2. It is necessary to start with a dosage of 20 mg (divided into 2 doses), increasing the dose after a week to 40 mg. 
  3. The maximum dosage of Anavar is 80 mg per day for men, 50 mg for women. 

At the end of the course (after 2-3 days), it is recommended to take Tamoxifen for two to three weeks (10 mg per day) to restore the body's production of its own testosterone. 

Combination on the course 

In order to prevent some side effects during courses (reduction of libido, toxic effect on the liver, sluggish erection, etc.), as well as increase its effectiveness, the steroid must be combined with highlyandrogenic drugs. So you can buy Testosterone, Primobolan, Sustanon. In this case, the daily dosage of anabolic is usually 40 mg. 

Oxandrolone: reviews 

The steroid is taken first of all by those athletes who already have a sufficient amount of muscle mass and the need to burn the subcutaneous fat, to obtain the desired, "qualitative" relief. Therefore, a lot of reviews on the forums indicate the inappropriate use of anabolic during the weight gain. 

Bodybuilders also note the low toxicity of anabolic as a comparative advantage (with properly formulated dosages of side effects on the course, only headache and decreased appetite). 

Where Oxandrolone buy at a low price 

Oxandrolone to buy at a low price is easy with the help of our service: just fill out the application and we will deliver the necessary drugs in the shortest possible time. In addition, our store works with manufacturers directly, which guarantees a buyer at Oxandralon a favorable price and genuine quality. 

Steroids to buy without a prescription on legal grounds - is problematic. It is a fact! 

We help to buy steroids in the shortest time and without any problems. The Pharmbar store has a huge assortment of anabolic steroids. And we do not need recipes to sell you the necessary drug. 

We offer to increase the effectiveness of any course to buy dietary supplements, peptides and fat burners, and our consultants will assist with professional advice for the correct selection of the course of drugs. Contact an online consultant for help in selecting pre-apprates.

There are goods which not available at the moment

ZPHC - Oxandrolone, 50tabs / 20mg
Producer: ZPHC
Reviews: 0
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Balkan Pharma - Oxandrolone, 100tabs / 10mg
Producer: Balkan Pharma
Reviews: 1
Not present
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