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Swiss Remedies - Anastrazole, 40tabs / 1mg
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: Swiss Remedies
Reviews: 1
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Hilma Biocare - Anastrozole, 50tabs / 1mg
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: Hilma Biocare
Reviews: 0
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Magnus Pharma - Anastrozole, 30tabs / 1mg
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: Magnus Pharma
Reviews: 0
Not present
ZPHC - Anastrozole, 50tabs / 1mg
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: ZPHC
Reviews: 0
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Anastrazolos, 100tabs / 1mg
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
Reviews: 0
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Anastrozol, 100tabs / 1mg (new balkan)
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: Balkan Pharma
Reviews: 0
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Anthrogenic drug of new generation. The main component is the active substance Anastrozole.

For the first time the medicine appeared on the market in 1995. First, the remedy was used exclusively for medical purposes. Anastrozole was used during the therapy of various tumors. Today, in medicine, the drug is practically not used. Basically, anastrozolol is used by bodybuilders. 

Action of the medicine:

  • Allows to avoid gynecomastia
  • Eliminates fluid retention, edema
  • Eliminates the effects of taking very powerful steroids
Only 1 mg of the drug reduces the estradiol content in the blood by 80%. Also observed:
  • Blocking the level of estrogens
  • Decreased aromatization
  • Powerful inhibitory effect
  • Approximately two hours later, the maximum concentration of Anastrozole is observed.
  • Therefore, the substance incredibly quickly helps athletes who are prone to the appearance of aromatization.
Admission rule
Do not take anastrozole for beginners. The drug is used only after a long steroid course at large dosages.
Tablets are taken:
  • If there are side effects from steroids
  • For prevention
  • At signs of aromatization the daily dose of the agent makes on 0,25-1 mg. To activate the action of the drug, the tablets are taken on an empty stomach. Do not forget to drink medicine with water. With this reception, Anastrozole quickly enters the circulatory system from the digestive tract. 
Remember - the duration of anastrozole use should in no case exceed 2 weeks. Do not take the drug to women. Anastrozole promotes a rapid change in the hormonal background, which is highly undesirable for the athlete's body.
Side effects
When exceeding the permissible dosage and individual intolerance, there may be:
  • Asthenia
  • Polymorphic erythema
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Allergic reactions
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Rashes on the skin
Anastrozole is contraindicated if you have cardiovascular disease. The drug inhibits the production of good cholesterol. Athletes with SSS diseases before taking the drug should consult with a doctor.

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Balkan Pharma - Anastrozol, 1tab / 1mg
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: Balkan Pharma
Reviews: 0
Not present
Balkan Pharma - Anastrozol, 20tabs / 1mg
Section: Anastrozol
Producer: Balkan Pharma
Reviews: 0
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