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The drug treats acne
Pharmacom Labs - Roas, 100tabs / 50mg
Section: Isotretinoin
Producer: Pharmacom Labs
Reviews: 0
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Roas, is a drug that helps eliminate acne. It is associated with retinoic acid and retinol, a chemical bond. The effect of the drug is based on the fact that it is able to block sebaceous glands, reduce the amount of fat produced in the skin. Due to this, there is an obstacle to the development of acne. A study was conducted that showed that of 133 patients, 127 remained virtually without signs of acne. The drug has a 95% effect, which is an important indicator. In sports, this tool is very demanded. The fact is that after taking many steroids, there are various side reactions, among which are acne. This drug, perfectly copes with this problem and quickly eliminates it. After taking Roas, its concentration peaks in 2-4 hours. If it is used on a lean stomach, bioavailability is 20%. Best of all, it is absorbed with food, so it is used during meals. Once in the blood, the substance binds to albumin. In the blood, the concentration of the substance is usually higher than in the tissues. Roas, after application, is converted to threxine. The substance was developed back in 1982. It is available in the form of capsules and has a dermatotropic property.

The drug has many effects, including:

  • Antiseboric;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Sebostatic;
  • Immunomodulating;
  • Keratomodulating.

Results are shown, with systematic use. The drug is able to enhance regeneration processes in the skin. The mechanism of influence is based on the ability to influence the composition of sebum, to reduce its production and to provide rapid removal from the sebaceous glands. Roas, has an anti-inflammatory effect that aims to eliminate inflammation around the glands with acne. Roas, shows a pronounced keratolytic effect, which involves the normalization of cell renewal and prevents clogging of the sebaceous glands. When taking, suppression of production of sebaceous glands occurs, narrowing of the ducts and a decrease in their number. The drug is used even in cases when other means could not eliminate the problem. With its help, treat acne diseases that have not been eliminated by other drugs, nodular-cystic, conglobata and acne, which can leave scars. During the treatment, it is necessary to observe the care of the liver, the level of sugar and lipids. To reduce the toxic effect, it is necessary to apply the drug in combination with vitamin A. The drug must be taken in the indicated dosages, otherwise there may be side reactions in the form of rashes, dermatitis, sweating, night vision impairment, headache and other symptoms.

"Roas" Pharmacom: Reviews

Reviews for Roas, very good. All athletes who encountered the problem of acne, after using the drug, felt a significant result. The substance is fat-soluble, so it has the property of accumulating in the fat depot and is gradually released into the blood. This provides a long-lasting effect. It is necessary to adhere to all the rules of reception and dosage, then the effect is completely positive. All who used the remedy, got rid of acne completely or almost completely.

Where to buy "Roas"

To buy Roas, you can in the online store. The remedy should be original to ensure the highest possible result. To protect against counterfeiting, a security system is developed in the form of coding for each unit of output. The code is indicated on the package, you can check it on the website of the company that produces the drug.

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